About Me

I suppose you clicked on this “ABOUT ME” page to learn more about me, Madison (also known as Mads, Maddie, and Maddawg). That’s pretty silly since most of the people reading this already know me because I sent them desperate emails and texts to please read my blog, but I’ll write something for those who don’t know me just in case you’ve stumbled across or Stumbled Upon this site. I am an aspiring designer studying Interior Design at Miami University (the one in Ohio, not Florida, commonly known as “The Ox Box”). I like to draw, receive mail, and make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. While future blogs and my Facebook page will tell you more about me, this blog will mostly delineate the happenings of my time as an intern in Chicago this summer. For ten weeks, I am working at archi-treasures, a non-profit, arts-based community development organization, and STR Partners, an architecture firm involved in a lot of K-12 school design. I’m living in a beautiful high-rise near the beach with my boyfriend Tanner, who cooks me delicious meals every night. I am not only excited to learn from my internship experience, having my first “place” and from the Windy City itself, but also to share it with you.


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