Back in the ‘Nati

Welp, after a week of fun in Chicago, I’ve moved back home until it’s time to leave for my semester abroad in Barcelona. I’ll be starting a new blog for that adventure, but for now here’s a photo montage of my last week in Chicago.

A walk through a garden. I liked calling it a grotto.


Tanner enjoying some popcorn at the showing of The Jungle Book at Pritzker Pavilion.IMG_0844[1]

Doughnut Vault!


2 of each kind….


Taco Night


Yolk for Brunch.



Margaritas at El Hefe on the last day of work.

In line at Hot Doug’s.



Fancy cheese and wine night at Pritzker Pavilion.


With Monet at the Art Institute.


Sandwiches from Little Goat Bread at the French Market.IMG_0871[1]

Blanket fort!IMG_0886[1]

Somehow, after all that food and indulgence, I found out that i actually LOST 5 pounds by the time I got home. This is comforting, but very, very surprising.



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