gettin’ fancy

So in my new life as an adult, living on my own, and paying bills, I’m also free to do whatever I want. Like eat ice cream for dinner. Or watch Netflix in my underwear. And even though I’m tempted to just each nachos and queso dip every night for dinner, a girl still has to maintain some class every now and then. By “class” I mean doing none of the above, wearing a dress, and acting like I know what kind of wine to order at a bar. Here are some pictures of my classy night out with Tanner and my Uncle Dan at The Gage.



IMG_0788 IMG_0786





Notice how there are no pictures of me, because I could probably never look as pretty as this food does. In case you were wondering, that’s

1. a scotch egg

2. bison tartare (that’s a quail egg on top. our waiter came by and prepared the tartare by mixing in the sweet sauces, the capers, that green stuff, and the meat, using the yolk as binding. then we served ourselves some on the crostinis. heaven)

3. mussels vindaloo

4. a venison burger, rare (the waiter insisted that I have my meat rare. i was worried about it being blood, gamey and gross, but it was great. subtly different from a regular burger… maybe even better. the accompanying fries kind of overpowered the taste in a bad way though)

5. chocolate ganache tart (there were little crusty chocolate things that tasted almost EXACTLY like Cocoa Krispies, only better)

Everything was delicious.



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