If you don’t already think I’m weird, you might after this post. Because I just put jam on a turkey sandwich.

I’d like to say it was an accident, that I was drunk and I thought that the turkey and cheese were actually peanut butter, but I actually thought really hard about this recipe. I stared at my mother’s homemade blueberry jam in our refrigerator for awhile, wondering what potential it had that went past a PB & J or a pancake topping. I recalled the turkey-bacon sandwiches on croissants that I would sometimes eat at school, which had a cranberry jam slathered on top, wondering if I could do something similar with the blueberry variety.

So I took a risk and made Turkey-Muenster Sandwiches with Blueberry Jam. My mother is probably sticking her tongue out in disgust by now before she reaches for her own bell jar of jam and eats it in more “acceptable” ways (on a muffin, topping for ice cream, with a spoon…). But I urge you all to not turn away! Take the risk and break free of the sandwich rut you may be in!

Turkey-Muenster Sandwiches with Blueberry Jam


2 pieces white bread

thin slices of thin-sliced turkey (less is better)

1 slice muenster cheese

spoonful of blueberry jam (Linda Sabatelli’s specialty)



The first pass at this sandwich was pretty good. It tasted like Thanks-summer (a mish-mash of Thanksgiving and summer). Still, I had way too much turkey on the sandwich pictured above.

So then I tried it grilled, with less meat and more of the cheezes. This was extra yummy because the cheese was warm and melty and mixed with the jam perfectly.

So even though this particular creation was good, I’m eager to try more sandwich combinations like this. Plus, I’d really like to title my next post “Jam and Ham” or “Deli and Jelly.” Maybe ham with an apricot and dijon spread? Or maybe substituting the jam with real fruit, like cooked apples or pears! I’m getting excited.


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