As if dinner at Girl and the Goat wasn’t enough, I made a lot of yummy meals with Tanner this week too.

Like these calzones.IMG_0541

And these grilled cheeses!




Both were made with the mozzarella cheese Tanner made and some other delicious ingredients we bought. Like normal people do.

To spread the love, here’s the recipe for that yummy grilled cheese above, out version of Grilled Cheese Social’s Beesting Remix. I could literally eat this sandwich every day. For every meal. Ever. Spicy crushed red pepper flakes, savory sausage, gooey mozzarella, and sweet basil honey?!?!?! Gah, I’m in heaven, and I bet you are too now. Or you will be once you try this.

adapted from The Grilled Cheese Social‘s Beesting Remix

Beesting Remix (remix)


ciabatta bread (as many slices as you need for your sammiches)

butter + crushed red pepper flakes (mix these two together! add more flakes if you want more kick. we use a general 3:1 ratio of butter : flakes)

basil infused honey (mix 4 tbsp honey with a few dashes of basil. it would be better if it was fresh, and it would EVEN better if you did this part way before =hand so the flavors can mix. like the night or 8 hours prior to sandwich making)

3 thin slices of sorpressata hard sausage (or as much as you can fit on your bread)

slices of mozzarella (enough to layer twice!)


1. Warm up skillet to about medium/medium-high. Have all your ingredients ready!

2. Start with one slice of bread. Coat one side in the crushed red pepper flake butter and then drizzle the basil infused honey onto the other side. You can just plop your buttered side onto the skillet and then honey up your other side, but I like making this part difficult so I have an excuse to lick my fingers.

3. Any way you do Step 2, put your bread butter side down on the skillet and add a layer of mozzarella. Then the sorpressata. Then more mozz. Mozz mozz mozz.

4. Coat your second piece of bread with the butter on one side and honey on the other, then place the honey side down on your last layer of mozz. Smush as you feel necessary.

5. Grill each side carefully, maybe about 3 minutes each. You have to be careful to not burn the red pepper flakes because they taste bitter if you scorch ’em. But honestly, I did that a little and it wasn’t so bad. You DO NOT want to undercook these babies because the gooey, chewy mozzarella part is arguably the best part.

6. Once your sweet and savory grilled cheeses are cooked to perfection, slap ’em on a plate and devour.


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