Chicago has changed me. Suddenly, I’m content with a meal made up entirely off of rice, raw meat, and seaweed (aka sushi). I’ve come to actually LIKE this kind of food. So much, in fact, that I agreed to indulge in an all-you can eat sushi place for my anniversary dinner with Tanner last night.


After not eating much all day, I was able to scarf down four rolls, thus causing me to fear for my health and mercury content. A list of the maki rolls Tanner and I shared were: Dragon, Godzilla, San Francisco, Crazy Chicago, North Carolina, Spider, Mango Tango, and Himawari (sunflower). I liked the Crazy Chicago least and my favorites were the Himawari and San Francisco.


If you’re wondering what kind of place allows this kind of gluttonous, wonderful indulgence, it’s Wasabi Cafe on Lincoln Avenue. The $20 all you can eat deal also includes an appetizer and drinks, and you can BYOB too.

So go there. Now.


We wanted to try some of the Guinness Ice Cream from Irish Bistro that we tried to sample at the Ribsfest last weekend also. Lucky for us, the restaurent was located right across the street. We waddled our full stomachs over there and shared a single scoop at the bar. It was malty and rich, even though I expected it to taste like milky beer. I’m glad it did not.


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