ribsfest and iscream

While I have only recently become accustomed to the messy, savory phenomenon that is ribs, I have wasted no time in making up for the years I have not spent my days sinking my teeth into some grilled and barbecued slabs of meat.ribz

On Sunday, Tanner, his parents (who are visiting) and I went to the last night of Chicago’s Ribfest. Although it seemed as though half of the vendors were OUT OF RIBS, we still managed to snag some of the top-rated racks. Still, I cannot imagine how this happened. It’s a RIBS festival. It was disappointing to stand in line only to find that only mac and cheese was available, and I felt bad for the poor girl at the cheesesteak booth trying to get customers.

Gurl, you’re at the wrong food festival.

Still, we managed to get ribs from Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro which had the most delicious sauce. I recently learned a new phrase in Spanish (“Esta para chuparse los dedos,” which means “this is finger-licking good!”) and I thought this to myself as I used the bones of my ribs to lick off some more sauce from my plate. Yes, I was being as gross as that sounds.

We made our way through the crowded festival until we could find a renowned ribs vendor that still had ribs at all: Urban Bar-B-Que Company, which had a huge sign proclaiming its First Pace status. Somehow we managed to get two of the last racks of dry ribs, which we dunked in two kinds of sauce: Sweet and Sassy and Chipotle. The meat on these ribs was better than the first ones we tried, but I still longed for the sauce from the first rack.

Somehow we still had room for some more food in our bellies, so we went in search of ice cream. We stopped at the Irish Bistro, which advertised Guinness Ice Cream at Ribsfest but had run out. They didn’t have any ice cream at the permanent location either, so I used the Yelp App on my phone to find a nearby sweet shop. I was surprised to find that a place that was recommended to me–Margie’s Candies, was half a mile away! I couldn’t believe it. That little blue GPS dot on my iPhone guided us to the spot which was also conveniently AT A BROWN LINE STOP. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier. Margie’s had a huge line, and we suddenly realized why: ice cream is served in fantastic “shells” and you are given a little tin dish of hot fudge to pour over your ice cream. Also: the serving sizes are HUGE. While Margie’s boasts the Zombie, “the world’s largest soda,” and “the world’s largest sundae” with 1/2 a gallon of ice cream, my regular hot fudge sundae had at least 4 scoops of ice cream by itself.



Following such a gruesome display of gluttony at the Ribsfest, you would think that I would share my sundae or opt for a frozen yogurt. Instead, I decided to take on the challenge and nearly finished all of it. Thoughts of swaying on the crowded subway ride home made me think that being stuffed would be a poor choice.



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