Hawt Dawgz and ‘Za

What says “Memorial Day” more than a hot dog?

duck sausage

Nothing. So that’s why we decided to seek out one of Chicago’s finest favorite foods in honor of the holiday and the city we live in. Although I’ve been wanting to try out Hot Doug’s for awhile, we went to Chicago’s Dog House since it was one of the ony hot dog places open for the holiday. Plus, it was featured on the Food Network’s show Outrageous Food. While the Alligator Sausage Speciality Dog (deep-fried and layered with frips and a special sauce) was not on the menu that day, Tanner and I had some great dogs nonetheless.

Chicago and Chihuahua

I decided to go with the BBQ Duck Sausage (the first picture), which was topped with pears and caramelized onions. Tanner got a traditional Chicago Dog and the Chihuahua, which had guacamole, cheese, hot sauce, tomatoes and onions. Both of our meals came with frips, the curly combination of fries and chips Chicago’s Dog House is known for. They attach a kind of dangerous-looking homemade electric drill fitted with a spiral cutter to a potato to achieve the endless spirals of spud. They were pretty good, but it was difficult to dip into ketchup (all of the Chicagoans gasp!) and the fries looked better. Nice and potato-y and peppery.

This weekend we decided to have yet another Chicago specialty–deep-dish pizza.

za slice

We decided to take a walk down the beach and head to Gino’s Pizza, which had a cool, dark interior covered with signatures and graffiti from visitors. We worked up an appetite as our Gino’s East Supreme Pizza baked for 45 minutes to an hour, completing all of the crosswords and mazes on the kid’s menu and playing several games of hangman. I also probably drank my usual 4 glasses of Diet Coke.

pizza piWhen our pizza did arrive, the waitress served us our first slices to make the process of carving out the mammoth-sized crust. The pizza was piping hot and had a thick layer of sauce with mushrooms and peppers. Under that was a full layer of sausage that coated the entire pizza (the traditional “patty” style) and a chewy, gooey layer of cheese. Finally, the crust was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, golden, and a perfect compliment to the toppings. I loved everything about this pizza, but I was completely stuffed  by the second slice.

breakfast zaHowever, cold leftover pizza makes for a great brunch.


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