maki rollThis is just one of the delectable sushi rolls I sampled Thursday night at Tiparos Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar ( I met up with the other members of my internship program and our coordinator, Katie, to talk about our experiences thus far and indulge in some maki majesty. Normally I’m much more of a pad thai girl, but yesterday those masago-stuffed, seaweed-wrapped rice balls drizzled in unagi sauce were calling my name. Oh, and the crab rangoon. We can’t forget about the crab rangoon. I would have been fine just eating those creamy, wonton-wrapped suckers for my whole dinner.

After sushi we all went to The Onion Live show. I’m the kind of person that will laugh at words like “poop” and “boobies” (*giggles*), so of course I laughed throughout this show. Still, it wouldn’t be my first choice of comedy shows in Chicago. The hour-long segment was like a continuous newsfeed of headlines and blurbs from The Onion’s website, filled with one-liners and overall themes of current events, Chicago politics, pop culture, and racism. While this seems like a good set-up for laughs, the actors seemed overly rehearsed and consisted of the stereotypical comedy team: an overly-confident handsome guy, a voluptuous woman, a dumb blonde, and a black guy. Many of the jokes weren’t as brash and outspoken as they could be, and the actors relied heavily on their outrageous facial expressions and even rapping and dancing. While the show didn’t bore me to death, I was hoping for some more interaction with the audience and for the actors to be more personable.

I’ll stop my paragraph on comedy criticism for now, especially since I’m probably no funnier than the guys at The Onion Live. Instead, I’ll share what I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. The arrival of the letter I mailed myself. Why did I mail myself a letter, you ask? Well, it’s actually an empty envelope, but I need proof (aka a letter received at my Illinois address within the past 30 days) that I’m a resident of Illinois to do fun things around the city, like go to the Art Institute for free and get a library card. I have no idea why this has now taken four days, and I may cry if it doesn’t come by the end of this week. Can’t a girl just get some books and view some Impressionist paintings?

2. Ribs. They’ve never been my preferred food, but maybe I just wasn’t doing it right. This weekend is Chicago’s Rib Fest, and I’m about to get my hands messy ripping apart some of that meat. With 13 rib vendors and an array of other foods available, I’ll have plenty of choices. I’m thinking of wearing something with an elastic waist. Hopefully plenty of Wet Ones and napkins will be close by too.

3. Speaking of soul food and festivals, I’ll also be getting my fix of soul music at Chicago’s Blues Festival tonight. The festival features a steady line-up of artists, food, drinks, and other booths. It’s the largest Blues Festival in the world, which is a pretty big deal.

With all of the good food I’ve encountered this week, shopping for some new pants may be in order too.


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